On Saturday, March 11 at 7:00 PM the Windsor Symphony Orchestra with Peter Wiebe, the Conductor, will perform in concert at the Holy Trinity R.C. Polish Church, 1035 Ellis Street East.


The soloists: Peggy Dwyer, Soprano, and Anna Hu, Morgan McBride, Claire Zhang, Violin.


The music of Chopin, Wieniawski, Mozart, Bach, Handel,Tchaikovsky, Lehar and others.

Detailed programme of the concert has been posted in section “Documents” of our website.


The concert has been organised as a token of appreciation from our Polish Parish Community to the Windsor community for the one hundred years of living together in harmony.


Because of the church capacity limitations the FREE Admission concert will be on first come, first served basis.


The doors open at 6:15 PM


                                                      WELCOME !

As part of the spiritual initiatives of our centenary jubilee celebrations, each month of the Jubilee Year a different parish organisation partake in Liturgy, acting as Lectors, taking part in the offertory procession, etc., and after the Mass, they tell the parishioners about the statute of the organisation, the accomplishments, and plans for the future.

On February 12, 2017, the members of the St. Cecilia Choir presented the history and the present status of our parish’s choir.

The Saint Cecilia Choir has been in existence from virtually the beginning of our parish.In the 40th Anniversary booklet of the parish we read:

“The building of a new church was the impetus for a number of organizations to spring into existence. The first was the Holy Trinity Society of Fraternal Aid. It was followed by the Society of Rosary Women in 1919. In addition, the Church Choir and Dramatic Circle was established. Later, in 1920, the Holy Name Society arose.”

From this description, it follow that the choir was established in 1919.


We learn further details about the choir from the recollections of Msgr. Lawrence Wnuk in the 75th Anniversary booklet:

” The St. Cecilia Choir was established by Michael Ostrowski, church music expert and experienced choir director. ( …) The president of the choir is Stanley Niec, whose concern for the choir, love of singing and dedicated service to the parish and Polonia are well respected.

Mary Niec remains in the choir, although she found it necessary , due to family obligations, to surrender the baton to our curates, Associate Pastors from the Society of Christ: Fr. Edward Mroczynski, Fr. Stanley Kuczaik and Fr. Joseph Calik.( …) Subsequently, the responsibility for both the choir and organ was take up by Sr. Maris Komorska, an Ursuline of the Agonizing Heart of Jesus. Our parish is most fortunate, never having lacked organists. It is fitting that we also recall the efforts of Irene Szpytman, Josephine Dyszewicz, Elizabeth Zemla and Teresa Pernal. We express our most sincere gratitude to our organists.”


Other recollections of the choir`s activities in the early 1960s, when the liturgy was still celebrated in Latin are found in the 50th Anniversary booklet of our parish:

“In this large church (Assumption), our choir had the opportunity to demonstrate not only how well prepared it is to participate in the Holy Mass, but also to demonstrate the skills of which it is capable. What wonderful moments! Many were unable to control their emotions. Unforgettable! Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Offertorium, Sanctus, Agnus Dei! It is only in Latin that the richness of the text and religious melodies can be rendered with justice. Will we again hear this type of singing? The solos were magnificent! this performance took place on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, December 8, 1961”.

Our choir remained under the direction of Sr. Maris Komorska for the longest period – 45 years. It performed not only in our church, but also at Dom Polski, at Cleary Auditorium in 1973 for the 500th Anniversary of the birth of Nicholas Copernicus, at the Main Library in a concert of Christmas carols, in a multicultural concert organized by the Windsor Star and the Public School Board of Windsor in 1989, which was aired several times by the local TVstation, in an ethnic programme on the Community Cable Channel in 1990, at Caboto Hall in 1991 for the 75th Anniversary of the parish, and in Mississauga in 1997, for the 5th Festival of Polonia choirs.


The Saint Cecilia Choir currently has approximately 25 members.

In 2014, Sr. Anna Sierak and Sr. Anna Fidor took over its direction.

The choir continues to sing in our church nearly every Sunday as well as during important feasts during the liturgical year (Christmas, Good Friday, Easter, Corpus Christi). It has also enhanced patriotic celebrations and Nativity plays staged at Dom Polski.

Most recently, the choir has been featured in performances at the Polish Village during the Carrousel of Nations in Windsor.


We hope that our choir will continue to enrich our parish life for many years to come.

May our patroness, Saint Cecilia, patroness of musicians, augment our number with new members, for whom singing for the glory of God is a joy.


On Sunday, February the 5th  the community unveiled an exhibit open to the public and titled :

Sonderlaboratorium SS Zamojszczyzna – the first settlement region in General Governorate”.


This year marks the 75th anniversary of “ Aktion Zamość” by the German Nazi, which aimed to expel from the ancestral lands the Polish inhabitants of the Zamosc region in Southeastern part of Poland, which was occupied since September 1939 by the German Third Reich.    

As the result of the action, over 110 thousand Poles were extracted from their homes and sent to Germany as the forced labourers, or to other parts of German occupied Poland, to work in the German settlers’ farms. The other two groups were destined either for germanization, or for death in the death and concentration camps, or for the medical experiments.


During the Aktion Zamosc, over 30 thousand children were separated from their parents, 10 thousand of them were murdered either during the pacification , or in the death camps , or as the result of the medical experiments carried out on them.

Over 4500 children were kidnapped to Germany for germanization.

Only 800 of them returned to their families after the war.


Among the people present at the exhibit opening ceremony was Mr. Adam Rak , who as 2-year old boy escaped the German capture by hiding in the doghouse when in November 1942 the German soldiers entered the village where his family lived.

Rev. Msgr. Peter Sanczenko, as a teenager, was captured, and separated from his own family by the invaders- the German Nazi, and sent for 5 years to the German Third Reich as a forced labourer.

Later on, when he became a priest, he was not allowed to return to his homeland, because the communist regime, ruling Poland for more than 40 years, was openly anti religious and anti-Catholic. In result, Father Peter never again saw his parents alive.

The exhibition was prepared by the Institute of the National Remembrance of Poland is being shown on this continent for the first time.

The exhibition will be open until February 20th, 2017


Richard Kusmierczyk  – Chair, Holy Trinity Polish Parish Centennial Jubilee Committee has unveiled the exhibition with several people in attendance.

The video report could be viewed in the “Video” section of our website www.100holytrinity.com and the photographs could be viewed in the “Photos” section. The “Documents” section has flyers prepared for this occasion.  

As part of the spiritual initiatives of our centenary jubilee celebrations, each month of the Jubilee Year a different parish organisation partake in Liturgy, acting as Lectors, taking part in the offertory procession, etc., and after the Mass, they tell the parishioners about the statute of the organisation, the accomplishments, and plans for the future.

On January 29, 2017, the members of the Mothers Prayers presented the history and the present status of their group.

Mothers Prayers was started in England in November 1995 and has spread rapidly throughout the world with contacts in over 100 Countries and has the approval, support and blessing of Christian leaders of all denominations.

There are now thousands of groups around the world. Two grandmothers, Veronica and her sister- in- law Sandra, felt led by the Lord to start Mothers Prayers and to pray in a special way for their children. They felt that they should bring all the pain and the worries they had for their children to Him and to trust in His words ‘Ask and you will receive’.

Through this promise, they understood that the Lord is just waiting to take away pain and to bless and heal them and their children when they come to Him in Faith.

During these years there have been many, many wonderful answers to prayers including children coming off drugs, children returning home after being absent for many years, improvements in children’s health, and relationships (in the family and at school).

The mothers also have been blessed and have experienced a great peace.

Our Prayer

Lord Jesus, we come before you as mothers, wanting you to bless our children, and all children throughout the world.

We thank you for our children – they are a precious gift to us. Help us, always to remember this, especially when they are in difficulties

Lord, they live in a troubled world – a world that does not always acknowledge you – a world that may sometimes cause them to be laughed at if they admit to believe in you.

Help them to be strong, Lord.

Help us to know, that you are always with us – sharing in the joys and in the sorrows, joining us in the laughter, and weeping with us in the pain.

Please give us all the graces we need, to fulfil your plans for our lives and for our duties in our families. You are Almighty God. You can change things.

So we turn to you in faith and love, knowing that you will answer our prayers.

Lord let us always remember how much you love us, and our children, and how you urge us to come to you with our problems.


A prayer group may be started with only two mothers.

Members meet every week and obey the strict rule of confidentiality.

During the meetings a mother may share her worries without the fear of anything being repeated outside of the meeting.

The other mothers support her in her prayer, and she will feel supported by thousands of mothers around the world, who are also part of Mothers Prayers.

Mothers experience a great peace with the blessing of this wonderful prayer support.


At the meeting we use our special prayer booklet and gather around a small table on which we have placed:

  • A Cross to remind us that Jesus is our Redeemer.
  • A Candle to remind us that He is the Light of the World.
  • A Bible to remind us that He is the Living Word.
  • A small Basket at the foot of the Cross, ready to receive the names of our children written individually on small paper discs, as a symbol of our placing them into Jesus’ care.

We follow our booklet of prayers but we also allow time for spontaneous prayer.

The prayers in the booklet are informal and are just words that speak from a Mother’s heart to the Lord. This booklet has now been translated into 40 languages.

Mothers Prayers in Canada

Dawn Wylie is the Mothers Prayers Coordinator for Canada.

This we know, the Mothers Prayers movement is present in 9 provinces and Nunavut, but not yet in PEI, NWT or Yukon. 

There is a concentration of MP groups in both the Toronto and Vancouver area. 

There are two English speaking Mothers Prayers groups in our area: in Windsor at Madonna House, and in Tecumseh at St. Anne Parish, and two Polish speaking MP groups in our parish.  

Facing the reality of a new, misguided concept of teaching in the Canadian education system, the movement Mothers Prayers appears to be one of the better spiritual initiatives available to the concerned mothers in our country.

There is no such thing as a perfect mother and no such thing as a perfect child!  So we thank God for Jesus who is perfect and who urges us to bring all our burdens/problems to Him as He will take them on His shoulders. He has paid the price of all our imperfections and sins and has made us into a new creation.  He will make up for our failures and lift us back on our feet again, to carry on our journey towards Him!!

The important thing is not to give up!


On Wednesday, January 18th the Jubilee Committee will be launching a three-part lecture series titled : “ Poland: The Country of Freedom Fighters, Artists and Saints” – 1050th Anniversary of statehood and Christianity in Poland.

One chapter of the lectures titled “ Poland- Canada, the history of mutual engagement in war and peace missions” will present a 100-year old tradition of Polish-Canadian military alliance at war and peace.

The lectures in English, open to the public will be held at the Parish Hall, 1035 Ellis Street East starting at 5:30 PM.


The subsequent lectures on Wednesday, February 8, and Wednesday, March 8, 2017 , starting time 5:30 PM. The duration of each lecture approx 2 hrs.


Richard Kusmierczyk is going to be the lecturer.


Other events of the Jubilee program will feature cultural works and productions from local artists, parish and community organizations including Polish Language School students.

Information and a calendar of events will be published on the Centennial Jubilee Committee website www.100holytrinity.com  and on the Cogeco TV Community Events Calendar     http://www.tvcogeco.com/windsor-leamington/psa

Participation of youth from the Holy Trinity Parish in the World Youth Days

                                                  1985 -2016


The Centenary Jubilee Program for the Jubilee Year of our parish provided a chance for our youth to sum up their participation in the World Youth Days events throughout the 30 years of the history of this initiative of gathering of the Catholic youth of the world.

The anniversary meeting of World Youth Day participants from our parish took place on January 15, 2017 in the parish hall.

Approximately 40 persons attended, who, over a span of years, took part in the gatherings of young Catholics from around the world, which began on the initiative of Pope John Paul II in 1984 during the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Redemption.

It was the Pope John Paul II himself, who was the originator and host for the first World Youth Day, held in Rome, in which approximately 300 thousand youth participated, in 1985.

1985 had been declared the International Year of Youth by the United Nations.

To date, internationally, there have been 12 such gatherings in various corners of the world.

A record number of young people took part in the Philippines (approx. 5 million), in Brazil (approx. 3.7 million), and in 2016 in Poland (approx. 3 million).


During the meeting in our parish, thanks to the effort of Sister Maria Lange, AHJ, the history of the World Youth Day was recalled in a video, and in a small exhibition of photos and artifacts, presenting the participation of the youth from our parish in the WYD over the years.

According to the documents collected, our youth participated in the World Youth Days as individuals, or in organised groups since 1991 WYD in Częstochowa (Andrzej and Irek Kuśmierczyk).

The first organised group went to Denver, Colorado, USA in 1993.

Manilla in Philipines was “too far” to go in 1995, but our youth resumed their participation in the WYD in 1997.

Father Roman Waszkiewicz, who became the vicar at our parish in 1996, and later on became our pastor

( 2003), came to Windsor from France, where he served in the Polish Mission there. He started a tradition of continued participation of our youth in the WYD since 1997 WYD in Paris, France.

After Paris, Father Roman led our youth to the WYD in Rome in 2000, then in 2002 in Toronto, 2005 in Cologne, Germany, and Sydney, Australia in 2008.

The tradition continued after Father Roman’s passing in 2009, and our youth went with other groups from our area to Madrid, Spain in 2011, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2013, and to Kraków in 2016.

Together, with every group, a small contingent of  “young at heart” parishioners was going as chaperones, mostly those were the parents, but also the Ursuline Sisters.

We need to mention Sister Elżbieta Mruczek, AHJ, who for many years was the organiser and coordinator of the high school and the university/ college students groups from our parish, and accompanied them for each of the WYD trips 1997- 2013.

The preparatory work for the next WYD starts almost right after returning from the last one.

The students and their parents are organising various projects aiming at collecting enough money to finance the trip. They’re baking and selling the pastry, design and make the Christmas and Easter cards, organise a dancing parties, etc. Working on those projects helps them establish a bonding of friendship, which lasts for many years after.


As the meeting progressed, we were listening to Sebastian Minkiewicz, Alicja Wyrzykowski and Gabrielle Krasowski, who shared their memories from Sydney, Rio de Janeiro and Madrid.

Others, who participated in the recent WYD in Kraków, also shared their experiences from Poland.

Julia Zalewska wrote a short story about her participation in the WYD, and it was published in the church bulletin from Cmolas, a village in southern Poland, which was the site of the Diocesan Youth Days for the group to which our youth group was assigned.

Susie Sawicki and Ola Cajmer, the participants in World Youth Days in Kraków, prepared a short presentation about the 2016 WYD, whose motto was, ‘Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy” (Matt. 5, 7).

The aim of the meeting was to demonstrate the involvement of our youth in the life of the Church in recent years, and to share the experiences which allowed the renewal of the desire to build one`s life on Christ. I guess, we succeeded in recapturing the atmosphere of these gatherings and sowing the desire to attend the next World Youth Days scheduled for 2019 in Panama.


I sincerely thank all participants for attending and sharing their experiences as well as photos, especially, Mrs. Maria Sawicka and Mr. and Mrs. Zalewski. I also thank Sr. Anna Fidor for providing refreshments and Sr. Elizabeth Mruczek for co-organizing and co-ordinating this day.


I invite all who are interested to attend the next World Youth Days in Panama in 2019.



                                                                                                          Sr. Maria Lange, AHJ

“The Songs We Know on the 100th Anniversary of the Holy Trinity Parish” a concert, combined with the exhibition of art and craft by our Parishioners, was held at the Dom Polski Hall on Sunday, January 15, 2017.

The students of the Krystyna’s Music Studio, entertained us with their piano, violin and guitar renditions of a classic, popular, film and television shows music.

Several people, not only from the immediate families of the young musicians packed the Dom Polski Hall for the concert and the exhibit of the art and craft.

The following students presented their skills to our enjoyment:

Kornelia Błonka,                                           Kasia, Ania, Radek i Krystian Budzik,

Adam Kaim,                                                  Julia Kościuk,

David Posała,                                                Julian Rochacz,

Alicja i Kamil Stokowski,                            Johnathan Snively,

Mike Szymański,                                          Kornelia i Jakub Toczek,

Natasha Wichłacz.


Accompaniment – Mrs. Ruth Wiebe

Concert arrangement,  and leadership – Mrs. Krystyna Budzik.


You can watch the concert on video at our website  http://100holytrinity.com/en/video/

and can see the pictures  on our website  http://100holytrinity.com/en/zdjecia/


On the tables set up along the walls of the Dom Polski Hall, our local artists and craftsmen presented their work.

Ania Budzik – jewelerry and other products made of modeline

Mrs. Ewa Bednarek , and Mrs. Danuta Bonka – embroidery                                                  

Anna Maria Fidor, SJK and Mrs. Dorota Ganko – cards for various occassions       

Mrs.Teresa Groachal, Mrs. Krystyna Nowaszczuk and Mrs. Halina Piątkiewicz – crochet

Mrs. Maria Filarska – sculptures, paintings, ornaments

Mr. Roman Łyś – sculptures


During the concert intermission, our guests were served with tea, coffee and various pastries prepared by the parents of the young musicians.

We would like to thank all the people involved in work leading to this concert and the exhibition, but a special thanks go to Mrs. Krystyna Budzik, for arranging all the details of this beautiful event.

We’ve learned that our parish community has many artistically gifted people of all age groups.

Thank you, and good luck to all our parish young musicians and our artists and craftsmen in your future plans.


Richard Kuśmierczyk – Chair, Holy Trinity Polish Parish Centennial Jubilee Committee.

On Saturday, January 14th at the Catholic Central High School, the Jubilee Committee has launched a three-part lecture series specially designed for the students of the Polish Language School, and titled :    “ Poland: The Country of Freedom Fighters, Artists and Saints” – 1050th Anniversary of statehood and Christianity in Poland,

The subsequent lectures on Saturday, February 11, and Saturday, March 25, 2017.

Richard Kusmierczyk – Chair, Holy Trinity Polish Parish Centennial Jubilee Committee, is the lecturer.

A On Sunday, January 8, 2017, after the 12:30 Mass, there was a traditional Parish Christmas Luncheon – “Opłatek “. The parishioners gathered in at capacity Parish Hall, broke the bread -“opłatek”,wishing each other all the best in the New Year. A tasty meal was prepared by the members of the Catholic Women’s League. The luncheon was wrapped up with parishioners singing a traditional Polish carols.


Polish weekly „ Goniec” from Toronto in its issue Nr 51 from December 16-21, 2016 has published an article titled  “ 100-lecie polskiej parafii p.w. Św.Trójcy w Windsor”  ( 100 Anniversary of the Holy Trinity Polish Parish in Windsor). Author. Ryszard Kuśmierczyk


Jubilee Nativity Play by the Polish School in Windsor at Dom Polski, December 11, 2016


In this year’s Nativity Play, in addition to the traditional content concerning the birth of Christ, the subject of the parish`s 100th jubilee also was featured.

The script was written in such a way, that all age groups could take part – from the youngest children (even a not-quite 4 year-old), to high school youths, to adults.

The first two acts were dominated by the theme of conversion and the thought that we should see and recognize Christ in every person we meet.

By means of a short word and music reflection in Act III, the adults presented the following truth to the large audience, that:

“for a whole century, our parish has been journeying for 100 years already – generations may pass, but the community remains, continues; in our history, there are moments of light and darkness, joy and pain, straight and winding paths.”

In a time of reflection, through the song, “Carol for the Absent”, we recalled those who went before us and are now deceased, but “remain present in this house of God, to whom they surrendered their time, strength, and meager resources, to overcome many obstacles, and who finally, not discouraged, bow before God in the Holy Trinity in a new sanctuary.”

Following the Nativity Play, Saint Nicholas payed a visit to all the well-behaved children.


A special thank you goes to our Ursuline Sisters for authoring the play, and, as always, working tirelessly with our youth during the rehearsals, and preparing all the decorations on stage and the costumes for the young actors.

The teachers from the Polish School and the parents also contributed to the success of this year play.

The weather also cooperated, so the Saint Nicholas could drive his snow sledge.

Traditionally, the Dom Polski hall was packed up to its capacity with the viewers- children, parents and grandparents.   

On Sunday, December 11th the community will unveil an exhibit open to the public, titled :

“ Your Solidarity- Our Liberty”, prepared by the Institute of National Remembrance of Poland, to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the declaration of Martial Law in Poland, and documenting the reactions of the Polish diaspora, and the world on the declaration of the martial law on December 13, 1981. Display open until December 29, 2016.

The exhibit will also pay tribute to the Windsor Community – which raised over $200,000 as part of the Poland Relief Fund that provided food, medicine and clothing to families impacted by Martial Law.


There will be a Holy Mass on Tuesday, December 13th at 6:00 PM at the Holy Trinity Church,

to commemorate the victims of the Martial Law.

The Evening of Remembrance to follow at the Parish Hall, 1035 Ellis Street East.


The Polish Parish – on the corner of Langlois Avenue and Ellis Street – has been the spiritual and cultural home for tens of thousands of Poles over the last century.


It has also been a safe harbour for thousands of refugees fleeing their homeland in times of political strife – including after the declaration of Martial Law – seeking refuge and hope for a better life in Canada.


“I was one of the thousands of Poles rounded up and imprisoned during Martial Law by the communist dictatorship,” says Richard Kusmierczyk, Chair of the Centennial Committee. “Our family came to Canada 33 years ago as political refugees, and Holy Trinity helped us settle in Windsor.”


The Centennial Jubilee Year runs until October 2017 and features numerous monthly cultural events open to the Windsor community.


Information and a calendar of events will be published on the Centennial Jubilee Committee website www.100holytrinity.com  and on the Cogeco TV Community Events Calendar     http://www.tvcogeco.com/windsor-leamington/psa


The Jubilee year will come to the end on Sunday, October 22, 2017 with the Thanksgiving Mass at Holy Trinity Polish Church followed by a celebratory banquet.


Exhibit Information:

WHEN:     Sunday, December 11th @ 1:15 pm

WHERE:      Holy Trinity Polish Parish

There was an Advent Spiritual Retreat held at our church between November 27 and 30th , 2016.

Father Dariusz Kielar, CSMA of Michaelite Fathers came to us from Warsaw.

We are grateful to Father Dariusz for a wonderful teachings, and we thank our Parishioners for their participation.

A symposium, part I, titled:  “ Windsor Polonia and Poland” was held on Saturday, Nov. 12 , 2016 at the Parish Hall.

During the event, the following lectures were presented.

Ryszard Kuśmierczyk: “ Parish organisations- Canadian Friends of the Catholic University of Lublin – 50 anniversary of the Windsor Branch”

S.Pawła Ryniec, AHJ: Ursuline Sisters AHJ- Mission and service”

Rev. Zbigniew Sawicki: “ New forms of evangelisation for Polonia”     


Part II of the symposium is planned for Saturday, May 6, 2017 and Sunday, May 7, 2017.

Prof. dr. hab. Piotr Jaroszynski from the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin will present the following lectures:

“The meaning of Polonia for Poland and the Poland for Polonia” – “ Educating the young Polonia for the future”.

and “ May 3rd ,1791 Constitution in Poland, and Canadian Confederation 1867- the rescue and the building of statehood” .

The Jubilee Committee is planning to publish the works of the symposium.  

The Living Rosary Group


As part of the spiritual initiatives of our centenary jubilee celebrations, each month of the Jubilee Year a different parish organisation partake in Liturgy, acting as Lectors, taking part in the offertory procession, etc., and after the Mass, they tell the parishioners about the statute of the organisation, the accomplishments, and plans for the future.

The Living Rosary Group was the first organisation which on the third Sunday of the Jubilee Year, Oct.30, 2016, started the cycle of presentations.

After each Mass, Sister Teresa Sroka, AHJ, who is the facilitator of the Group in our parish, presented a brief history of the Movement in the world and in our parish.

The Movement of the Living Rosary is made up of individuals, who have made a commitment to pray at least one decade of the Rosary each day.

It is called a “living “rosary because, by praying and meditating on one “mystery” (an event in the life of Jesus and Mary, such as the birth of Jesus or His death), they make Jesus and Mary alive in a spiritual sense.


The living Rosary in our parish was the initiative of Father Janusz Zych, a member of the Congregation of the Society of Christ, who served as the assistant pastor during 1994-1995.

With the permission of the Pastor, Rev. Msgr. Peter Sanczenko, he organized a one-day Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament for the intention of the sanctity of life, and the creation our first Living Rosary group. 

This Adoration took place on December 8, 1994, and many parish organizations such as the Veterans, the Third Order of St. Francis, the Catholic Women`s League, the altar boys, the Eucharistic League and others, took part in 1-2 hour shifts.

On that day 15 parishioners expressed their interest in joining the Living Rosary Group, and so, the first Rose was created. After a few years, 3 additional groups were formed.

In 2002, when Pope John Paul II added the Forth Luminous Mystery, made up of 5 Mysteries, two new Roses were created in our parish, with 20 persons in each.

Now we have 5 Roses of 20 members each, which means that each day, 100 members of our parish pray at least one decade of the Rosary.

At the meetings of the Living Rosary, held on the 4th Sunday of each month, the Missionary and Evangelical intentions of the Holy Father are mentioned, as well, as intentions for the world, the Church, our parish, priests and the sick. The individual intentions and the intentions for the deceased Members of the Group are added as well.


The founder of the Living Rosary was a lay French woman, Paulina-Marie Jaricot, from Lyon.   December the 8th, 1826 marks the formation of the Living Rosary.

The Living Rosary was approved and accorded official canonical status from Pope Gregory XVI on January 27, 1832.

On Jan.13,1837 Pope Gregory XVI named St. Philomena Patroness of the Living Rosary Association.

Pope Pius IX approved the organisational structure of the Living Rosary Association on August 17, 1877.

On February 25th, 1963, Pope John XXIII in recognition of her heroic virtues declared the Servant of God, Pauline-Marie Jaricot venerable.

In Poland, the Living Rosary began in the 19th Century. In 1970, the Primate of Poland Stefan Cardinal Wyszyński approved the Ceremonial of the Living Rosary in Poland.

In 2012, the Polish Episcopate approved the Statute of the Association.


This quiet but strong group serves the Church with their everyday, simple, hidden prayers, adding daily sacrifices and intercessions for the world, the Church and personal intentions.

Inauguration of Jubilee Year

Presentation by Polish School  “ History of Poland and our Parish”


October 16, 2016 marked the 38th anniversary of the election of kard. Karol Wojtyła as Pope John Paul II – the first ever Pope from Poland. On this day we, the Polish parishioners of the Holy Trinity Parish in Windsor have entered into our parish’s Centenary Jubilee Year.

Following a solemn Holy Mass for the intention of our Homeland, the students of the Polish School put on a performance relating the history of Poland, as seen through the eyes of one of its students, David Makarczyk, (who, through this work, found himself among the winners of the International Polish Competition, “To be a Pole”).

The chief character, 12 year-old Lestek, living in the environs of Gniezno during the time of Mieszko I, exits a cave and time-travels through various historical ages, only to return home in the end and relate what he saw to his parents.

Appearing in the production were young children, older children and youth.

The presentation was composed of three “tales”, each of which related a specific historic event and was narrated  by a different child. These individual tales were separated by musical entr’actes.

Paralleling the music and word presentation, the youngest children brought bricks to the altar and a wall arose. The Scouts crowned the wall’s summit with a cross, a crown and the national emblem of Poland.

The entire work was brought to a close with the collective singing of the polonaise, “Where there is baptism, there is hope”, composed in our homeland for the occasion of the 1050th anniversary of the acceptance of Christianity by Poland.


The Ursuline Sisters with S. Anna Fidor as a director of this play worked very hard to make this presentation a success. No wonder that the parishioners in packed to capacity church awarded those participating in the play with a long lasting applause.


Thank you very much Sisters and the students-actors!


On Sunday, October 16, 2016 our Jubilee Committee unveiled, in the Parish Hall the exhibit commemorating the 100 years of our Parish in photographs and documents.

The exhibit was part of the Jubilee Year opening celebration. A separate report deals with other events marking this occasion.

A reach history of our parish was documented in 15 subsequent segments of the exhibit:

  1. Parish Priests
  2. Building the church
  3. Church expansion 2005 and 2010
  4. Parish lay organisations
  5. Parish spiritual organisations
  6. Polish Army Veterans SWAP 126
  7. Poland and Polonia
  8. Liturgical celebrations
  9. St. Cecilia choir
  10. Polish Language School
  11. The pilgrimages
  12. The life of the parish family
  13. Charitable founds
  14. Holy Trinity Parish in the life of Windsor and Canada
  15. Ursuline Sisters AHJ


The materials used in this exhibit came from the archives of the parish, from the archives of the Ursuline Sisters, and were provided by various parishioners.

S.Maris Komorska, AHJ, and Danuta Siniarska prepared the exhibit, and Mrs. Zofia Belczowski and Mrs. Helena Galewska acting as a very valuable helpers.


Report by: Danuta Siniarska and Richard Kuśmierczyk

The second oldest active Catholic Church in Windsor is celebrating a big birthday.


Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Polish Parish is celebrating its 100th anniversary with a year-long party that kicks off appropriately with Sunday Mass on October 16th at 12:30pm.


The Polish Parish – on the corner of Langlois Avenue and Ellis Street – has been the spiritual and cultural home for tens of thousands of Poles over the last century.


“The Church is the foundation of our community and a close-knit family with a proud history” says Rev. Zbigniew Sawicki, the eighth in a line of pastors to watch over the growing community.


It has also been a safe harbour for thousands of refugees fleeing their homeland in times of political strife – seeking refuge and hope for a better life in Canada.


The Centennial Jubilee Year will run from October 16, 2016 to October 22, 2017 and feature numerous monthly cultural events open to the Windsor community including highlights:


  • A Windsor Symphony Orchestra concert on March 11,2017 at Holy Trinity Church
  • An exhibit at the Chimczuk Museum titled 100 Years of the Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Polish Parish that will run from August 12 – October 15, 2017
  • A lecture series titled  Poland: The Country of Freedom Fighters, Artists and Saints from January through March 2017


Other events will feature cultural works and productions from local artists, parish and community organizations including Polish Language School students. Exhibits from Poland will also arrive.


Information and a calendar of events will be published on the Centennial Jubilee Committee website www.100holytrinity.com  and on the Cogeco TV Community Events Calendar     http://www.tvcogeco.com/windsor-leamington/psa



The Jubilee year will come to the end on Sunday, October 22, 2017 with the Thanksgiving Mass at Holy Trinity Polish Church followed by a celebratory banquet.


For more information, please contact:


Richard Kusmierczyk

Chair – Centennial Jubilee Committee

Telephone:     519.944.4441

Email:         richardk@cogeco.ca




  • Rev. Jan Andrzejewski who was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin as the first pastor of the new Holy Trinity Polish Parish on October 9, 1916


  • On October 28, 1917 – Bishop Michael F. Fallon presided over the blessing ceremony of the church’s cornerstone. The first Mass in the new church was celebrated on Easter in 1918 – with the official blessing ceremony held in 1919


  • It was the first Polish Catholic Church in diocese of London, and the fifth Polish Catholic Church in Canada.


  • During WWII the Church provided support to army volunteers from Canada & USA who trained in Windsor and joined the Polish Army fighting alongside Allied Forces in Europe. The church fulfilled the role of the garrison church during that time.    


  • During the time of leadership of Rev. Msgr. L. Wnuk PA, the Polonia Park and Villa Polonia- a low income 400 units housing projects were built to serve the Windsor’s community.  These not for profit corporations are run by the board of directors- volunteers, members of the Holy Trinity Parish. They have been serving the community of Windsor for the past 40 years.  In 1965 Msgr. L. Wnuk brought to Windsor 10 nuns from Poland- the Ursuline Sisters of the Agonising Heart of Jesus. Since then, the Sisters have been working as teachers for the University of Windsor, St. Clair College, St. Cecile School, St. Joseph and F.J. Brennan high schools. They also run the Ursula daycare and the Polish Language School.
  • During the period of leadership by Rev. Msgr. P. Sanczenko, more than 1000 families came as the refugees on the program sponsored by Bishop M. Sherlock


  • Holy Trinity Polish Parish underwent at ca. $ 3 million expansion and renovation in 2005 and Phase II in 2010, all paid for by the parishioners. For the work in preserving the heritage building, the Parish received the city 2007 Built Heritage Award.


  • A time capsule discovered in the foundation during the renovation showed the cost of the original construction: $32,982.58


  • There are approximately 11,000 Polish-Canadians in Windsor and Essex county


  • Holy Trinity Polish Parish in Windsor counts ca. 800 families.